Workshops: October 20th 2018

Details of tutors and classes

Alex Fisher

Lakeland Stepping

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Alex Fisher is a Freelance Community Clog Dancer based in Lancashire. She works with schools and community groups to teach and promote clog-dance as a local tradition. Her interest in clog-dancing began whilst living in Cumbria where she was inspired by the Lakeland Hornpipe Tradition. Since 1984 she has performed with Furness Clog Dancers and Newcastle Cloggies and regularly attended Sam Sherry’s Lancaster classes. She has run workshops for Folkworks in the north east, and at Sidmouth Folkweek, both with the Instep Research Team and for the Children’s Festival. She now runs a regular community clog dance class near Chorley (Eccleston Heritage Clog).

Alex is teaching a set of 8 Lakeland Hornpipe steps put together as an introduction to this particular stepping tradition. The steps progress in complexity and will emphasise the skills and dynamics which create the Lakeland Hornpipe style.

Katherine Tattersall

Pat Tracey 'B' routine

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Melanie Barber

Strictly Clog Waltz

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Melanie has been a keen clog dancer for more years than she cares to remember, having performed and taught step clog for over 35 years. She originally learnt from Sam Sherry and Pat Tracey, and went on to collect steps from Bill Gibbons and Bert Bowden. Having been a founder member of Lancashire Wallopers, and danced with Camden Clog when she lived in London, she is currently dancing with Strictly Clog and Three's a Crowd, as well as continuing to dance North West Morris with Rivington Morris and Silkstone Greens, and rapper with Whip the Cat

She will be teaching the Strictly Waltz, which the team wrote to a 10/8/8 Mazurka, and will be accompanied by her husband Mike Adamson.

Sybille Riesen

Appalachian Flatfooting

picture of Sibylle

Sibylle (Sibs) Riesen describes herself as a "foot musician", using percussive dance to provide the 'drum' rhythm to American Old Time music as well as other types of folk music. She specialises in the Appalachian flatfooting dance form, having studied with Ira Bernstein and some of the US's top exponents of traditional dance styles. A past member of City Clickers step dancers, she performs now as a solo dancer and, for the past 15 years, with The Buffalo Gals Old Time Country String Band. She has a passion for dancing to 'crooked' American fiddle tunes, using syncopation and really listening to the music to 'dance the tune'.

She will be teaching flatfooting steps from Mike Seeger's documentary 'Talking Feet' of solo Southern dancing in the US, and how to incorporate them in flatfooting repertoire, covering timing and improvisation. The workshop will also dip in to the art of 'lazy' flatfooting that minimises impact on legs and knees, whilst providing clear sounds to dance the tune. It is recommended that participants are able to dance the 4-sound Tennessee walking step. Leather soled shoes preferred.


This year the cost of the workshop is £26.00. Booking form is available from a link on the sidebar menu.


The workshop day will be held in Horfield, a suburb of North Bristol within easy reach of the M4/M5 interchange. Directions and timetable are available from link in the sidebar.


The workshop fee will include tea, coffee and biscuits which will be provided during the day. In addition we will be providing our highly acclaimed light lunches consisting of a choice of vegetarian soups, bread, fruit and home-made cakes for a modest fee of £6.00 which must be booked and paid for at the same time as your workshop place.

Reserving your place

Places for the workshops will be limited to ensure that all attendees get the best value for their money - so you are advised to book early

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