City Clickers Workshop Days

The 2019 workshops will take place on October 19th - details now available from the workshop2019 page.

Members of City Clickers have regularly attended the Lancashire Wallopers workshop weekend each February, the Camden Clog workshop day in April and, in the past, the Reading Cloggies workshop day usually held in October. When in 2002 it became evident that Reading were no longer going to run their event we talked amongst ourselves about the need in the south of England for a day of workshops where clog dancers could learn new material, meet, exchange ideas, gossip and have fun.

At the same time the Morris Federation were keen to provide a service to their clog and step dance members. These two conversations came together early in 2004 and City Clickers agreed, with substantial help from the Federation, to host a day of workshops in October 2004. That was a great success and we have held a workshop day each October since then.

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