About City Clickers

City Clickers are a group of step dancers based in Bristol who have been dancing together for about twenty years. We perform clog and step dances from various parts of Northern England, Wales and Scotland. We are also interested in step dances from Canada: from Quebec, and the step dancing of Cape Breton island which is currently undergoing a revival in Scotland.

Some of our members have been involved in step dancing and other traditional dance forms for many years and we have brought that experience and knowledge together to make a vibrant, dazzling dance performance.

We can present shows suitable for indoor and outdoor performance, either formally on stage or as a street performance. Our knowledge and expertise also mean that we are able to offer workshops in all of the styles we dance - we can teach both beginners and more experenced step dancers any of the styles that we perform. We like to think that the attention we pay to every detail of technique, style, performance and presentation pays off in the enjoyment that we get from our dancing and through that, the enjoyment that an audience gets from watching us or learning from us.

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